Restructuring the Music Distribution Industry

Carbon Opus is the first real solution to the current conversation of NFTs and Music, providing an innovative and revolutionary Music Platform that links real-world music to authentic & verifiable NFTs. This is the Future of Music – where Music Artist and Fans alike can collaborate, benefit and be rewarded for their works and love. Carbon Opus and Authentic & Verifiable NFTs provide a Win-Win situation for everyone involved, with Creators being rewarded with forever-royalties via blockchain and advanced sponsorship staking, and Fans being incentivized with an Auto-Audio Reseller and Sponsorship program. Come join us on this journey and be part of The Future of Music!

Users get to listen to all songs for free. If they want to favorite a song, or add it to their own playlists, they have to buy it. As soon as they do, they are an automatic reseller via their Profile/Favorites/Playlists and/or self-promotions. This incentivizes every Fan to help promote, and contribute to, the growth and rise of their favorite artists.

Creators/Artists get to choose the price and license for each Audio Track they upload (Music, Beats, Podcasts, etc.) as well as the Royalty Distribution for their Fans (resellers). This dynamic puts full-control of Music Distribution into the hands of the Creators & Fans. Royalties can be further split with collaborators, where various parts (beats, vocals) of a song can come from other Creators who will receive automatic royalties and attribution.

The platform will use a single Cryptocurrency (USDC) and exist on a single Chain (Polygon) in order to make the user experience super-simple. This will be accompanied by a Credit-Card-based Shopping-Cart-esque UI for the user, eliminating the Blockchain aspect for users. Advanced users will still have access to the NFTs they own, as well as features to help with Bridging them to other chains.

Imagine adding 20+ songs to your Cart, all for $1-ish each, and buying your custom Album for $20 in a single checkout. As soon as you purchase them, they become available on your profile for others to enjoy. If someone else then buys the song, you earn Royalties! As little as 5 Resales (with 20% royalties) could pay for the song! You could add favorite songs to a playlist and promote your playlist in order to spread awareness for your favorite artists, while earning royalties for your efforts!

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